Giuseppe Ajmone

Giuseppe Ajmone, Italian painter and printmaker, was born in 1923 at Carpignano Sesia (Novara).

He moved to Milan in 1941 and studied painting at the Brera Academy, his professors were Achille Funi, Bruno Cassinari, and he became friendly with Morlotti. Joined the publishing "NUMERO" and "PITTURA" and helped to edit the periodical "QUADERNI MILANESI". In 1947 he published etchings illustrating poems by Cesare Pavese, in 1948 first one-man exhibition at the Galleria della Bottega in Novara.

After naturalistic beginnings he evolved towards an abstract style influenced by the colors and light of Bonnard and by the structure of the Cubist pictures of Braque. He took studies from nature as his starting-point but tried to capture the essence of natural forms bathed in light. He spent a lot of time time in the countryside of Piedmont from which he drew inspiration. After 1960 he become more figurative with paintings of still life and shadowy nudes in interiors related to the Stael and Bacon. He died at Romagnano Sesia in 2005.


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