Alba Gonzales

Alba Gonzales born in Rome, her family has the Spanish and Greek origins.
At present she is living in Rome and Pietrasanta.

She started with sculpture during the early Seventies and was motivated by the intention to represent the plasticity of movements of the dance that she had been practicing with passion at a professional level. After her traditional figurative beginnings, she experienced the fascination of materials (stone, tufa, marble) and devoted her work to developing stylized forms of the human body, in an attempt to grasp and interpret its symbolic aspects, rhythmic structures and totemic suggestions.
She works in Versilia and her pieces have been growing up next to those by the most important masters of contemporary sculpture (Moore, Marini, Manzù, Botero, and Mitoraj).
The evolution of Alba Gonzales's personality and creativity moved forward along some fundamental thematic lines. Up to 1985, an essential issue was the dialectics of structures with anthropomorphic configurations exploring the sense of archaic myth and modern mechanism: "Men and Totem".
The others themes were "Loves and Myths"," Sphinxes and Chimeras", Myths and Metamorphosis"
and last one "between Dream and Irony".
Her monumental marble sculptures are realized in Pietrasanta, Querceta, Carrara and concerning the bronze sculptures the important art foundries located in Pietrasanta, Verona work for the artist.


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