Mimmo Germanà

Germanà Domenico Orazio, Mimmo for his friends, was born in Catania in 1944, and he died in Busto Arsizio (Varese) in 1992.

He was an autodidact painter, he approached art orienting his research to the space-place making installations with different elements influenced by the post-conceptual art that dominated the "Seventies Years". I moved to Rome where in 1970 he held his first personal exhibition at the Gallery "L'Attico" and he will present in a lot of exhibitions in Italy and abroad with object and analytical works, video and installations. In 1980 his research turn to the revival of the pictorial traditional technique and to a world of figures placed in an imaginary and colored landscape with a strong expressionist influence. A research that is similar to the characteristics of the TRANSAVANGUARDIA, an art movement theorized by Achille Bonito Oliva in the section "Aperto 80" of the Biennial of Venice where Germanà was present with Chia, Cucchi, Clemente, De Maria and Paladino.
The rule of the international art market and, overall, the artist's bashful and lonely personality, generous but shy, prevented Germanà from becoming a leader of the group, even if there was a perfect consonance and synchrony in the times, the stylistic elements and the languages that characterized their artistic methods. Since 1980, through important exhibitions in Italy and abroad, Germana's painting will become popular and appreciated and it will follow with a rising interest by the public and by the most attentive critics.
In his "Mediterranean expressionism" the components of an archaic primitivism, characterized by a Dionysian visionary attitude made of bright colors and strong materials where in a typical baroque excess, we feel the lightness of the dream, the nostalgia of the myth, the regret for a lost Sicily and for an unforgettable childhood. The myth of the man's origin and the relation with the nature were central of his pantheistic religiousness. The woman-mother, his inseparable dog called Miro' in a floating universe made by seas, islands, amphibious figures, trees, in a nature reviewed through the dream according to a child and wild's spirit.
Just around the Nineties the composition will become more concise, the pictorial and chromatic magma was replaced by darker range of blue and black colors, the warm tones, the bright colors and solar lands will be changed in dark and deep seas, almost to reflect on the canvas the unlucky rush of the disease that in 1992 will get him to death.



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